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Commercial Fencing Contractors

At Focus Fencing, we’re commercial fencing specialists. We’ve spent years working with companies throughout Buckinghamshire delivering the same striking fences, excellent service, and low cost wherever we go.

Why Is Commercial Fencing Important?

If you run a business, whether rural or urban, customer-facing or not, a fence could be one of the key parts of your business that you’ve overlooked. Any company, regardless of size, operation, or ambition needs a good fence. We’ll run through 4 reasons to show you that – if you’ve not got an adequate fence yet – you’re missing out.

First impressions

Whether or not your company is directly customer facing, first impressions matter. Clients, employees, and of course, customers, all see your company before they walk inside; the first thing they’ll see is your fence. If you want to leave a good first impression, make sure you’re putting your best fence first and wowing anyone who sees your exterior, carrying on as you’ve started.


For any business, a primary concern is often security; whether for staff safety, stock retention, or any other reason. A good fencing contractor can ensure that you and your customers feel safe in your business and help to keep them coming back.


Of course, as with a residential or garden fence, a commercial fence provides a sense of privacy for businesses. Unlike with a private property, if you’re dealing with customers and clients, it can be important to show them that you value their privacy. If you demonstrate – from the moment they arrive – that you value their safety and privacy with a fence, then they’ll know you’re serious in everything you do.

Control of access

Often overlooked when it comes to fencing concerns is the control of your commercial property. A commercial fence is your key to controlling access points for visitors, making sure that they enter your property at the points you decide and where you can show off the best side of your company.

Your fence could be the gateway to a brighter commercial future. If you run a business and are thinking about a new fence installation, give our expert team a call on 07468421302 to book a consultation; we’ll discuss our range of styles and figure out how to improve at least four of your business metrics.

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